Foto sommario

A recipe made up of seashells, values and courage, in search of new balances and uncharted routes

Gleanings… this is how all those things retrieved here and there, perhaps meticulously collecting anecdotes, news and curiosities on the man Paradisi and his company, would have been described once. But, given the products (turned and well-shaped components) and the manufacturer, perhaps it’s best to eliminate corners…


...and sharp edges in the archetypal search for squaring the circle – an activity dear to the alchemists of the time. It doesn’t much matter, however, since a blog – as everyone knows – is a virtual space, and thus not subject to the rigid laws of reality and everyday life. And so, a nonchalant journey back in time takes us to the story of a small boy who, spellbound by the precision of a tapered seashell, recognised in it the essence of a higher principle of perfection. This imprinting, guarded and nourished over the years, would prove instrumental in his personal and professional life. Equal nonchalance and a new journey through space and time (miracles of the World Wide Web) lead us to a man who runs his family’s metalworking company, which has manufactured precision turned components for over 50 years, with the unusual passion for precision he has cultivated since he was a child. But then, when everything seemed to be going for the best, after years of consolidation on the electrical appliance market, which had always rewarded the precision and reliability of this turnery, the sector was hit by an unprecedented economic crisis. Establishment shutdowns, delocalization and layoffs became commonly-heard words in Fabriano (where great paper industrial groups prospered until just a few months earlier), and the crisis spread like wildfire throughout the Marche region, as well as the rest of Italy. It was the year 2008, and this man, whose company had been solid until that moment, found himself facing a difficult and unprecedented situation: a 35% decrease in sales. Entrepreneurial solutions in the face of such a situation are usually predictable: damage reduction strategies, layoffs and the safeguarding of personal fortunes. But this man reacted with courage and far-sightedness, investing his available resources in what is clearly his dharma: precision. He singled out the best sectors and potential clients to concentrate on in Italy and abroad: his products could be applied to the domotics, automotive, aerospace, naval and automation sectors. Entering these new markets required investments in technology, in people and in business management. Old equipment was replaced with 50 CNC lathes, an intense training programme for employees was started and every aspect of management was redesigned based on total quality. Twelve months later, the business had become a completely new company that, thanks to its roots, a deep attachment to the territory and a series of consolidated values, managed to gain the trust of the main international players in the field.

A successful case history or, to put it more simply, the story of Sandro Paradisi and of his staff who, with determination and indomitable willpower, managed to seize new opportunities from the critical situation they were facing. The story of a group that never gave up in the face of adversity, but set out on as yet uncharted routes, creating new, dynamic balances. These events, characterised by courage and important values, would, however, be incomplete if we didn’t give proper credit to what has been their leitmotiv from the very beginning: precision. That very precision which Paradisi continues striving for, following his childhood memory of a tapered, naturally perfect shell. Perhaps it’s a sort of gratitude, or – more simply – human nature or an inclination of the soul, but precision continues to play a main role in the history of this man and his company. It’s also the reason this blog was started.It’s meant as a small tribute to precision in the form of a travel diary, hosting stories, characters, news and anything else that revolves around this extraordinary dimension. P.S. In speaking about Sandro Paradisi, his friends say he’s never punctual but he’s precise. But don’t tell anyone…



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