dynamic equilibrium That shell has to all effects and purposes become the symbol of my adult work: to use natural materials with skill, creating everyday objects that are both fact and fiction; interpreting traditions in a new and versatile way; studying precise, ambitious details with elegance and painstaking attention.
- Sandro Paradisi -

Strong ties with the area, respect for the environment, maximum attention to people and to the evolving world. To interpret present-day changes and develop strategies for orienting the company towards the market of the future. These are the values that have always been at the centre of our attention and of our work.
Every product is custom built and developed in constant collaboration and cooperation with the customer. The maximum customization is aimed at optimizing solutions in relation to different requirements, in search of the best possible results.
Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified collaborators, we are able to achieve the highest degree of precision in the various, complex processing and finishing of each product, using suitable materials and technical stratagems.
The certifications of our quality, environment and safety management system, by accredited outside agencies, has allowed us to reach levels of excellence, proving the value of our effort in favour of quality, the environment surrounding us and the health and safety of our employees.
Through an intense programme of continuous training for employees, we have managed to get highly-qualified technicians and skilled labour, allowing us to modulate every aspect of our organization chart as a function of total quality.
Sharing our company’s activities, numbers and successes in real time allows us to foster the relationship of transparency and solid link with our customers that has always represented the basic values of our work.


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 Every product is custom built and developed in a constant relatioship of collaboration and cooperation with the customer

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Conobbi Sandro grazie ad una prima riunione si tenne presso l’azienda Paradisi srl. Mi colpì subito la sua compostezza, il suo rigore e la chiarezza delle sue idee. Sia Sandro che la sorella Tiziana ci sono vicini nelle nostre esigenze, è ormai un’amicizia consolidata fatta di grande stima e di affetto. È stupendo non dover chiedere niente ad un Amico perché conoscendo la realtà del bisogno, la previene. Lo Iom gli è grato e si augura che tra i suoi mille impegni, trovi sempre uno spazio per noi aiutandoci a realizzare i nostri progetti.


- Anna Maria Trane Quaglieri - Presidente Iom Jesi e Vallesina Onlus -

I met Sandro Paradisi through my brother in law Tonino and I immediately appreciated his courtesy, availability and curiosity about anything. During the restoration of the table of Perugino we have often shared the emotion and passion for this great project. The sensibility that he has shown is in the character and in the ways of doing of a great person.


- Eros Gregorini -

I met Sandro 15 years ago, during one of the most important events that the association Oikos has ever organized: the Christmas concert with the maestro Accardo and his orchestra. I was in seventh heaven because of the dedication and passion of Sandro in organizing the event: a humble and simple man but full of generosity, competence, organizational and enterprise willingness. It was even more important to note that since that occasion he has no longer forgotten Oikos: meetings, conferences, donations and especially the presentation of the association to groups of his friends and colleagues who have become automatically our friends and supporters. Paradisi’s company is the mirror of a careful management, not only to customers but also to the needs of the whole territory, sensitive towards those who need the help of all: the best efforts as an entrepreneur, as a citizen, as a man.

- Don Giuliano Fiorentini - Oikos Onlus Founder -

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sandro Paradisi, in the company, a few years ago. Behind that lanky walk (he is in dynamic equilibrium, to stay on) and his always courteous attitude, conceals a person's innate genius, with a natural propensity to revolutionize preconceived. With employees he is honest, loyal and never fails to his word. It is a curious about life. I call him a baby with the Harley-Davidson.


- Giovanni Tesei - Business consultant -

Person, Company, Territory

Paradisi with Sandro Paradisi, is a narrative Identity, that tells a story of Pride, Passion, Enthusiasm, Transparency, Simplicity. This company is like a living organism made up of body, mind and soul; it is the place where human and Enterprise values are rediscovered and shared, that Enterprise which is the bearer of responsibility that does not end in the creation of profit, wealth and employment, but extend to the local context in which it operates and to all the stakeholders.

Without a doubt: "The best place for the best people"


- Tonino Dominici - Box Marche Spa -


A travel journal dedicated to precision, which has marked and inspired our company’s activity since the beginning, created to host stories, characters, news and all that revolves around this extraordinary dimension.

09 May 2016 /

The world-renowned flower designer explains his approach to precision and dynamic balance 

03 March 2016 /

According to the musician, authentic beauty is achieved by conjugating precision with an irregular, unpredictable element: surprise.


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