One shell in particular caught my eye: it was long and tapered perfection. Its circumference became increasingly smaller right up to the tip. With its ever decreasing circles, the shape of the shell had become so fine that it looked fresh from a lathe.

I stared at the grooves as though they created pathway to be followed. I was engrossed for a long time, transfixed before that object that had appeared - just for me - from who knows where.

It was a discovery that I knew would stay with me forever, because I felt immediately that it would be "mine" forever. I now realize that a simple perfect shell embodied something greater for me: the exhausting experience of growing up, the passage of time, the belief in ideals, the accuracy of knowledge and competence, and the value of diligence. We all have turning points. This was mine.


I remember that little street market as though it were yesterday. It was an obscure little marina: everything around me was sun, sea, and light. All my senses were aware of my surroundings, with the pungent smell of the salty air, the sound of the waves and the cries of the seagulls.


I was a small boy and I was in search of toys among the empty crates that the fishermen used as makeshift tables for the market. I was still unaware of worldly things, but I sensed the dignity of those men. They were selling seashells as though each was a fine piece of jewellery. And in fact, to me, they really were jewels! Each shell was an enigma; so precise yet so functional. And it occurred to me then that nature performs works true works of art. As human beings we try to imitate nature every day.


That shell has to all effects and purposes become the symbol of my adult work: to use natural materials with skill, creating everyday objects that are both fact and fiction; interpreting traditions in a new and versatile way; studying precise, ambitious details with elegance and painstaking attention.

That moment is still with me now in my memory because it was a distinct point in my life's timeline and it helped me grow, from a carefree little boy into a determined entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who strives each day to make a dream come true.

- Sandro Paradisi -

  • 1957
    Establishment of F.J.B., Fabbrica Jesina Bulloneria by Longhi Alberto and Paradisi Antonio; the company manufactures turned components for agricultural machinery
  • 1971
    F.J.B. merges with IMA owned by Mancini Sauro; they create M.G. Meccanica Generale SpA
  • 1982
    M.G. gives rise to two new artisan companies: Paradisi ‘Automatic Turnery' owned by Antonio Paradisi and ‘Metalworking’ owned by Giuseppa Palmieri, Antonio’s wife
  • 1985
    Establishment of Paradisi srl with Sandro and Tiziana – the children of Antonio and Giuseppa, who founded the artisan businesses – as partners
  • 1989
    Antonio, founder of the company, dies
  • 1991
    The company moves to its current seat in Via G. di Vittorio, Jesi, with a surface area of approximately 1,500 sqm, and starts manufacturing products for the electrical appliance industry
  • 1997/2000
    ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management System. ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System
  • 2002
    The production area expands to 5,000 sqm
  • 2009
    The international economic crisis causes a 35% decrease in sales. Paradisi’s answer is a series of major investments to diversify production
  • 2010
    Certification of the manufacturing process according to the ISO TS 16949 automotive scheme
  • 2011
    The site is registered according to EMAS directive. The 2009 sales loss has been amply made up
  • 2014
    The renovation of the technology park is complete; over 30 machines have been replaced in just 4 years. Improvement plants according to the principles of ‘lean thinking’


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